Thursday, September 13, 2007

A new project

I have been working on a new project lately working with adults (I know, shocking!). My "art" photography always pulls me in the direction of exploring themes of womanhood, motherhood, and childhood. My BFA thesis at Guilford College explored the many facets of childhood emotions and expression through the posing and costuming of my daughter, and was a pretty direct reaction to some earlier criticism that child photography isn't really art. I played with re-examing fairy tales for a few months, but have had to put that on the back burner for now, because I hit a creative wall. But those LA Ink commercials on TLC stirred something up in my brain, and now I am working on a series exploring different stereotypes of beauty and sex appeal.

So far I have done the 1920s jazzbaby flapper icon and the biker babe/naughty cowgirl. My next couple of shoots I think I am going to go for 1950s pin-up, and I would like to play with the "woman in authority" theme as well (teacher, police officer, etc)

Working with regular people instead of paid models is always great. I am on a local mothers' forum,, and have gotten all my volunteers so far from there. We have a lot of fun, I get to have adult conversation-a rarity-and local mom gets to be reminded that she is beautiful and sexy. I'm posting some of the flapper pictures. Look for more to come soon!

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