Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pin Up 2: Lena, Bad Girl of GSO

My second pin up shoot was last week with Lena. This is the second time I've gotten Lena in the studio, but before it was her gorgeous little girl that was in front of the camera. Little Miss Alexis gets it from her mama, let me tell you. Lena is beautiful, sexy, and a complete blast to work with.

We went through many wardrobe changes and all sorts of poses. I ended up shooting about 125 images, with an unbelievable 72 portfolio worthy final pictures. We kept getting shots with these little hands in the bottom corner, because Lexi wanted mommy, but she was very patient with these crazy grown ups, and ended up having a few of her own shots slipped in!

These two pin up sittings have been the kind that you know every time you hit the button that you are getting something wonderful. I have been so lucky to have Jen and Lena volunteer to work with me. They are truly two very beautiful and very awesome women.

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